Apple Trackpad Help

To learn more about how to use your Apple Trackpad on your laptop, you can view Apples built in guide located in your computers System Preferences menu.

Navigate to Trackpad menu

  1. Click on the “System Preferences” icon
    • You can find the icon in your Dock1 (bottom of your screen). If not, click the Launchpad2 icon (also in the dock) to view all your application icons
  2. Click on the “Trackpad” icon in the System Preferences menu3

Trackpad Guide

Here you will find different types of options for your Trackpad. Each option is shown along side a small “how to” video. To view the video example for each option all you need to do is move your cursor over the option (no clicking) and the video example will play (on repeat)


  1. Dock – The bar at the bottom of your screen that has application icons
  2. Launchpad – A built in app that allows you to view all applications currently install on your computer. Usually located in your dock.
  3. System Preferences Menu – This is all the settings and options for your computer and iCloud are located. To view a category, click on the icon you want to view. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can type use the search tool in the top right of the system preferences window and the computer will highlight options that should be what you’re looking for.

Select multiple items on your computer

This is helpful when trying to manage, organize, and delete multiple files, photos, emails etc at once on your computer. There are two ways to select multiple items, one allows you to quickly select all items in a list, the other allows you to pick and choose which items in the list you want selected. Both options can be done on a Mac or Windows computer.

To select ALL items between “point A and point Z” 

  1. Single click and release on the first item in the list
  2. Then hold down the shift key on your keyboard
  3. While holding down the shift key, single click and release on the last item in the list you want selected
  4. All items between point A and Z should be highlighted and you can release the shift key

To select SOME items between “point A and point Z”

  1. Single click and release on the first item in the list
    • For Mac – Then hold down the Command Key (⌘) on your keyboard
    • For Windows – Then hold down the Control Key on your keyboard
  2. While holding down the command (or control) key, single click and release on all items between point A and point Z you want selected
    • If you select an item by accident, click on it again (while holding the command key) to deselect it
  3. Once all items are selected you can release the command key
  4. All items you clicked on between point A and Z should be highlighted

Exporting photo(s) to attach on a Mac


  1. Open the Photos app on your Mac
  2. Find the photo(s) you want
  3. Single Click, Hold and Drag the photo onto your Desktop1 then release the mouse/track pad
  4. Your Photo is now on the Desktop
    • To export multiple photos repeat steps 1-4 as needed


  1. Open website, email, or document you want to attach photos to
  2. Click Attach (usually a paperclip icon)
  3. A Finder2 window will open, click on Desktop on the left side panel of the window
  4. Find the photo(s) (names or thumbnails3) you want to attach
  5. Click on the photo, then click Attach or Upload in the bottom right of the Finder window
  6. Your photo is now attached
    • To attach multiple photos, repeat steps 1-5 as needed

  1. Desktop – The background screen you see when your computer turns on.
  2. Finder – This is the window & program you see and use when you browse your files on your computer.
  3. Thumbnail – A small icon of an image. Can be seen depending on finder viewing settings