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Set up / Manage Online Accounts

Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts safely

Set up and manage online banking / utilities / credit card / shopping accounts

Pay bills / transfer money / make purchases online & on your phone

Learn how to save digital receipts for purchases and monthly/year end statements for banking/utilities/credit cards


Organize your emails

Set up your emails on your phone or tablet

Learn how to better recognize fake or scam emails

Mobile Devices

Set up / Sync / Organize

iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Cameras etc

Learn to use your camera on your phone and share / receive photos from family and friends

Learn how to use Facetime and other video calling options

Set up mobile banking, travel, social media, and other apps you might need access to on the go

Learn what apps are!

Personal Assistant

File & Folder Organization

Back up Computer / Phone

Managing Documents & Photos

And more!


Learn how to take photos with your phone

Learn how to share photos with friends and family using text message, email, and more!

Organize your photos (on your phone & on your computer)

Send your photos out to be printed

Research / Purchase / Set up New Devices

Computers, cell phones, printers, cameras, Roku, Netflix, televisions, etc

based on your personal considerations; for example;

-You need a more up-to-date computer
-You want to use if for such basic needs as email, Netflix, Zoom, etc.
-You have specific spending limits
-You want something to bring on vacation

1.  I will research available options based on your requirements
2. We'll then meet or talk over the phone to discuss the different options I have found.
3. Once the computer is purchased and delivered, we will meet in person and I will help set it up.
4. Since most items have a ~2 week return period, I recommend we meet up soon after receive delivery of your new device and at least once more before the period ends to give you time to use the device for a week or so to make sure it works for you

*You will be provided a copy of all receipts from the purchase along with a breakdown of all costs related to research, set up, instruction time, etc

Remote Services

How do remote sessions work?

For remote sessions I use Google Remote Desktop. This is a service provided by Google and can be used on both Windows or Apple computers. Connecting via this service allows me to see what you're seeing on your computer as well as to move your cursor to click on things while we work together.

I have instructions here on how to install the Google Remote Desktop software, which I can walk you through over the phone. Once that's done, all you have to do is visit a link in your browser which will generate a code that you share with me. I can then log on remotely to see and share control of your screen.

I can only view your computer if you share the code. The code is not saved for repeated use, and becomes invalid if not used after 5 minutes (at which point you could generate a new one if necessary). Once our session has ended and we disconnect, I will no longer have any access to your computer until you share another code with me.

Remote Session Set-up Guide

*Not all services available remotely

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